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Shut Up And... PARTY!

Your Djs Favorite Dj continues to bring you the Hottest Event In The South, "Shut Up And Dance", "Shut Up And Ride" and Shut Up And Ride". Enjoy a new era in entertainment where EVERYBODY has a choice on music genre.

At this, Not So Silent, Party everyone will don a pair of special glowing headphones powered by Your Djs Favorite Dj that can tune into all 3 DJs. As you switch between the DJs, the color of your headphones change so you know if you’re jamming to the same song as your friend.

Your 3 live DJs are spinning all night:

DJ 1 (Green): Top 40 Dance Hits

DJ 2 (Red): Latin & Reggae

DJ 3 (Blue): 80’s, 90’s & 2K Throwbacks

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